Getting APRS working with my Kenwood D7A

I struggled to get APRS working with my Kenwood TH-D7A/G. The following things were done. I haven’t confirmed all of them were necessary…

On the GPS… (Magellan Meridian GPS)

    • Set speed to 4800Bps from GPS to radio.

On the Radio…

    • Made sure that GPS was sending information to the radio by using the POS button
    • Made sure that the radio was set for waypoints to be “….MGN” to work with the Magellan Meridian GPS I am borrowing.
    • Set Band A freqency to 144.390
    • Set Band A as the data band
    • Set Band A offset to “0.00” (default was .600)
    • Set CTCSS tone to ON for Band A (This is to squelch all the “modem” noise.)
    • Set My Callsign
    • Set My Icon
    • Set Data TX as AUTO
    • Set TX Interval to 2min
    • Set POS LIMIT to 150mi (help eliminate information I don’t care about)
    • *IMPORTANT* Set Packet Path
      From: RELAY,WIDE
      To: WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1
    • Pressed TNC so that ONLY TNC appeared (No “packet”).
    • Last but not least… pressed the “BCON” button.

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